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Sponsor our Open Wall Project by collecting a glass brick from the current Shanghai World Expo exhibition. Crafted from clear, iridescent or red/gold infused Murano glass, each piece is a luminous record of an installation crossing culture and time.

Each brick represents one year of the Great Wall's construction in ancient China and has artist seal signed, numbered with Chinese lunar year and accompanied with a display stand.
Also included an Open Wall DVD, featuring a film produced in collaboration with leading Italian contemporary composer Romeo Scaccia and a Venice based film crew, directed by Savino Cancellara. The Open Wall film documents the construction of the temporary glass installation the Venice Biennale 2009.
To inquire about becoming a Sponsor for the Open Wall Project click here


List of Sponsors

Andrew Bentley and Fiona Garland

Premier Dr. Ewart F. Brown, Jp. Mp

Toby Bath

General Ayed Al Jeaid

Frank and Lisa Stocek

Greg Nunez

Linda and Steven Chuang

Elaine Wang Meyerhoffer

Yuko Nii

Elizabeth Miesner and George Prouix

Luong Thai

Paolo Tagnin

Margareth Wolf

Shelley Wang

Sandra and Rick Walter

Robin Wilson

Hans w. Rusch

HOK International Ltd.

IA Interior Architects

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Franz Mayer of Munich, INC

Sandra Walters art Consultancy

Star Crystal international Co. Ltd.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

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